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How Do Ice Dams Form?

In cold climates like those in New Hampshire, ice dams form when heat escapes from the house into the attic and melts the underside of the layer of snow on the roof. The roof at the overhang stays cold. As the roof melt reaches the overhang, it cools, freezes and eventually forms a ridge of ice at the edge of the roof that prevents any melting snow behind it from draining off the roof. As the roof melt backs up behind the dam, it can leak into your home and cause significant damage to walls and ceilings.

Our team at Yankee Thermal Imaging is here to prevent ice dam issues for homeowners across Rochester, Dover, Concord and beyond.

Preventing Ice Dams on Your New England Home

The worst ice dams can build up huge ridges at the overhangs of your roof, with large icicles dripping over the edge and down past the soffits. These are very dangerous to both the house and anyone who happens to be in the way when the ice dam collapses.

In order to reduce and prevent ice dams from forming, there are typically three changes that need to be made.

Repair Your Leaking Roof

If you are experiencing ice dams on your roof, you will have constant problems with leaks and water damage on the ceiling and walls. Ice dams don’t happen because of faulty roofing materials; they happen because of heat loss in the attic. The causes of ice damming are well known, as are the solutions to prevent them.

Ice Dam Removal & Prevention in New Hampshire & Maine

Physically removing ice dams is a challenge -- climbing around on an icy roof to remove the built-up ice and snow can be a very dangerous undertaking, and can cause damage to the roof as well.

A roof rake can be used to remove snow, but will not get rid of any existing ice dams. Clearing the snow part way up a roof will only cause an ice dam to form higher up on the roof. Likewise, using heat tape to solve your ice damming problem only changes where an ice dam forms.

Control the Attic & Roof Temperature

Research has shown that ice damming happens when the attic temperature is above 30°F and the outdoor air temperature is below 22°F. The key to preventing their formation is to control the attic and roof temperature. The way to do this is to minimize air leakage through the ceiling into the attic and improve the roof or attic insulation. By appropriately air sealing, ventilating and insulating, our installation team will improve your attic to work towards ice dam alleviation and other building envelope issues.

Our team is here to help you learn about strategies to prevent ice dams from forming on your home! Contact the Yankee Thermal Imaging team today for a phone or in-person consultation.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • "Yankee Thermal Imaging is very professional and efficient. Very thankful that we completed this project on our house. It needed the update in ventilation and insulation. I would highly recommend every home owner to have the home inspection done.

    LuEllen, Strafford, NH
  • "The crew knew what they were going to do, worked well as a team, took care to even cover the floor, and cleaned up everything. They were polite, good natured, and efficient. There is a positive change in the temperature inside the house and drafty rooms are no longer drafty.

    Jacquelyn & Harold, Claremont, NH
  • "Last year I had Yankee Thermal Imaging come to my home to do some energy work. I was impressed by their knowledge of home insulation, and energy improvement. They were able to place insulation into areas of the house that I thought would not be accessible."

    Don, Peterborough, NH
  • "I am completely satisfied with all aspects of this experience. All personnel from office workers to audit personnel and installation technicians were highly efficient, courteous, and pleasant to work with. I was especially impressed with the installers and the onsite team leader.

    Robert, Portsmouth, NH
  • "What a great Company! I took a chance with YTI and had an energy audit done on my 250-year-old antique cape home. John, the energy auditor, was friendly, professional, and thorough. His visit was followed by a detailed report and suggestions for insulation.

    Joan, Londonderry, NH
  • I wanted to make my house more energy efficient and from the start, coordinating with the auditor, Laurie in the main office and the crew were all very intelligent, friendly, knew their trade and pleasant to work with.

  • Your workers were at my daughter's house (Heidi Soltysiak) for 3 days putting insulation in several places in the house. I was there since my daughter had to work. I was so impressed with the workers especially the team leader. He made sure the other two newer workers did everything right.
    Jody Kinner, Keene, NH
  • Your crew has one more day tomorrow, but I wanted to email you to say they have been incredible. Every guy on the crew has been kind, courteous, clean, respectful and meticulous with their work and the cleanup at the end of the day. All of them are good people and true assets to your company.
    Scott Baker, Greenland, NH
  • Happy Maine Customer
    I have contracted with Yankee three times over the past three years and each time I have been impressed. Players have changed but consistency, professionalism, and respect have not wavered. You folks have been a joy to work with. Thank you. Sincerely Carolyn Jodoin
  • YTI was selected as the sole Insulation Contractor on the Historic Preservation of The Effingham Town Hall - Library project. This project has significant connections to the Town and the Freemason's which created much focus on the integrity of the project.
  • Satisfied Customer
    Happy in Portsmouth!!
    The guys were very hard-working, and considerate, their worksites were left very clean and we were very comfortable having them in our home, they were perfect gentlemen and knowledgeable of their business. My wife and were very impressed we liked them a lot.
    Joseph Freda, Portsmouth, NH 03801
  • Efficiency Maine Rebate Program
    Laurie, I have mailed out our payment. Thank you to you and your company. Yankee did outstanding work!
    JJ White, York, Maine
  • Yankee Thermal Imaging was our selected contractor through the NHSaves program. Their audit was extensive, identifying lots of opportunities for improvement for a house built in 1807.
    J. Bressoud, Barrington
  • Happy In Holderness
    Thank you very much, Yankee!! from start to finish, a very professional service. PS. I am going to be so much warmer this winter!!
    Lisa Elizabeth, Holderness
  • Happy In Stoddard
    Thank you so much!! The work looks great and we are already feeling warmer!!
  • Great Job
    We want you to know that the crew did a great job. We are very happy with their work, and the results that the final testing showed. They cleaned up each day. They were all pleasant to deal with as well.
    Jim & Linda, Hancock, NH

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